"The whole experience of buying from a small retailer was fantastic and left me not only with a brilliant product, but also a great feeling that I'd supported someone living their dream."

It's not an easy time to be a small business owner. A recent report from the Simply Business Support Hub suggests that as of November 2020, Covid-19 could cost small businesses up to £69 billion in total. That's right, billion not million!

234,000 small businesses have already stopped trading (and counting) and one in five small businesses are contemplating the possibility of not surviving any further lockdowns.

But there are rays of sunshine amidst the clouds.

According to the same report, 85% of small businesses intend to remain self-employed, 10% are planning to start a new business and one in five have adopted new technologies to help them adapt. Now is not the time to give up, now is the time to get behind our small businesses and support them in any way we can!

So, what can you expect from an experience of shopping with one of our featured superstars?

1. Top class, personalised service


Each of our small business superstars are super friendly, super helpful and super keen to ensure you have the best, most personalised experience with your shopping possible! 

2. Give the unique gift they deserve


We're all looking for something for our loved ones that they won't see in every high street chain shop. Our superstars all offer super unique, super beautiful products & services that will help you and your loved ones stand out from the crowd.

3. It's planet-friendly, too!


Smaller business owners produce on a much smaller scale than bigger chains, so the environmental impact is lessened. Also, many of our superstars use recycled/recyclable materials to give you an extra special warm feeling.